Welcome to El Jefe’s Home on WordPress


I finally decided to give El Jefe a home of his own.
For all the fan’s of El Jefe I say Welcome to his new home.
For all those who are new I say Welcome aboard!

El Jefe has been around for many years but only lately has he been spreading his eclectic form of humor on the internet by way of wordpress and Blogger.
Because there were so many referrals at his old Digs I decided to set up his own home.
While my other blogs deal with the various human tragedies going on around the world this one is reserved for humor. I shall go into the history of El Jefe later. For now click away and enjoy El Jefe’s humor. I will be uploading El Jefe Cartoons on a weekly basis.
For those who are thinking of swiping, I say this, DON’T DO IT. These cartoons are copyrighted and should I get word they are appearing elsewhere THERE WILL BE PROBLEMS!

Once I get everything set-up I will provide the link for those interested in discussing rights. For now bear with me as I begin to upload the various panels, buttons and links for this site.

For all those SPAMMERS out there, BE WARNED. AKISMET Captures ALL! I DO NOT BOTHER READING SPAM, I merely use my DELETE FINGER and hit DELETE!
Again I say to all the worldwide fans
Welcome aboard!

El Jefe’s Corner makes its debut on El Ñame from Houston, Texas. This is the periodical in the style of The Onion but in Spanish dealing with Hispanic issues. El Rata, who is the owner and publisher surprised me by including the cartoon which he thought would be perfect for the article.



3 Responses to “Welcome to El Jefe’s Home on WordPress”

  1. Victor Vilionis Says:

    I really enjoy El Jefe and his “no problemo” life style, and the “primative art style” of Roberto his creator.

    Viva ! El Jefe ! I only wish I could have his beer, and women ?

  2. elbohemio Says:

    Thanks a million Vic! Hope you well with your on-going project.

  3. adalgisaminaya Says:

    nice work el jefe!!!la jefa must be very proud of you,i know i am.

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